Rus escort katalog Rhodes woman pleases a client not even touching him

It was a completely new assignment for me. I got used to having sex in too many forms of its manifestation by now, being a girl from escort services in Rhodes. But if things are interesting, I always want to try them – new is always exciting.

This time, I got aroused even more than I used to during just plain fucking as Russian escorts Rhodes. The task was as follows: my client (let’s call him Rhett) gave me a special camera that I had to fasten on the inner side of my right leg 5-7 centimeters from my vagina, on a rubber strap, take off my panties, wear a summer skirt that would not prevent me from moving freely, and just walk around during the day. 

The video from the camera would be shown on his mobile phone through the Internet at once and would be recorded on the server so he can watch it later. That was really exciting – do you agree? I do. I still think that from all my jobs in escort service 18 of Rhodes, it was the most interesting one.

So I wore it as he requested, we’ve adjusted the angle to make it constantly looking at my pussy (which also naturally took some part of buttocks, the anus hole, and pubis in the objective) and started walking. It took a few minutes to get adjusted to it: to make my gait natural and to make Rhett see everything as he planned. To have better touch with him, we’ve agreed on an earphone in my ear and that he would tell me quietly from time to time what I shall do. He was walking some distance back from me, to watch me and to control me.

My promenade in the city has begun. My main and only task was to wander around the streets, as I want to. Just walk. Sometimes, when we were passing by some cafes or restaurants, he told me to sit to change the angle of the camera to my pussy – that excited him, as well as me, Rhodes VIP escort lover as I felt completely under control of somebody. That was interesting and exciting to me.

From the things that I recall specifically – in two hours of walking, I wanted to pee. And, well, you know, to poop. I told him in the microphone in the earphone – and he just told me to find a place but not to take off the camera when I will be doing it. Moreover – he asked me to adjust the camera in a way so he can see how I am peeing and pooping. I came to some cafe – and, after ordering a plate of paella and coffee, I asked about the direction of the toilet and went there.

In the cabin, I’ve spent around 2 minutes adjusting the right angle for him to see me. Eventually, in the sitting position, he wasn’t able to see all things he wanted – so I had to take off the camera and hold it my hand all the time I was doing my natural things. I think that now, after months have passed since the day of record, this dude is still watching the entire video, savoring its specifically explicit moments – like the one when I was in the bathroom, showing him not only everything that is between my legs but also things that are coming out of me. I can’t even imagine how many times has he jerked off watching as me doing this. But you know what – sometimes I also get horny when I think that I was filming as I am peeing and pooping just to stream online this to some dude, which also kept the record of it for an indefinite time.

When I was out of the toilet, I have attached the camera back to my leg, adjusted the angle and went back, to eat paella. It was really delicious. I give all my praise to the cook! When I was eating, Rhett was asking me to adjust the camera so he can see my pussy (at least, some part of it) and I think that when I was going with my hand under my skirt, it looked at least weird from the side. However, I received sexual gratification – and my client did, though I did not touch him even once during the entire promenade. That’s much more fun as it would be if we just fucked in his room – and I definitely recommend everyone to try new things in sex and play around.