Private escort Mykonos streaming in the Darknet becomes too popular

Do you know video chat roulettes? Where people stream their lives and themselves? They are similar to messengers, where you can have a video conversation with every participant, which joins your stream. And then Periscope and other similar things – where you can just stream videos, which people will look and hit likes or dislikes.

Due to restrictions to erotic content of streaming, you cannot do it publically: only personal, one-to-one or one-to-many (though these many are rather ‘some’, based on invitations and personal allowances). In the Darknet, things are simpler: there are a number of chats, where you can stream anything – as well as sell this content to anyone if the access to it will be of particular interest of anyone. This situation I’ve been to – streaming my sex with one of Mykonos escort girlswas a matter of interest to many Darknet visitors (you will be shocked how many of them out there, and they are walking among us every day).

So, the things started when I ordered one of the escort girls Mykonos to my apartment on the verge of the capital city. Luxury escort Mykonos came to me – gold-haired, with fabulously smelling skin, super fine to touch. Her eyes were as of a blue diamond – as pretty and as deep. Her smile has touched my heart right from the first smile – and she was doing it pretty often, as she had a great mood.

I told her that I would stream online – but no general public is allowed to watch, and briefly explained to her what Darknet is. We would suppose to have some audience but on a paid basis. And that I would share with her, 70 (me)/30 (her).

I set up the camera, entered the site (which you won’t find unless you’re a Darknet user), and pushed ‘Stream’ button. All my fellows, to whom I told I would smack a girl from Russian escorts in Mykonos were already connected and waiting.

The stream is popular based on one thing: the number of views. I told her to start with stripping – I was sitting under the camera (on a tripod approx. 1.5 meters from the floor level), which was looking at a king-size bed. Between the bed and camera, there she was, stripping slowly under music and moving her thighs like a queen of vampires from ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ movie impersonated by amazing Salma Hayek. To add even more likeness to this image (as it came to my head), I played this song on my iPod. Behind me, there were already 55 viewers.

I lit up the cigarette and poured more wine into my glass, watching as she is dancing completely naked for me (and for my viewers). In the opened app of my Bitcoin Cash wallet, I saw as new people who join the streaming replenish my account. The scheme was simple: the viewers shared the link to their peers, and if they wanted to join the stream, they had to pay around 25 bucks each to view everything limitless. After, the system gave them access as soon as money is processed into my wallet. I asked her to shake her boobs, open her buttocks wide in front of the camera to make viewers see it, and other things. I was reading what viewers are asking for (her to do) and transferred those requests to her. When there started to be many requests of fucking her, I moved the tripod closer to the bed and made sure we’re visible nicely on the screen. She stood her side to the camera in a doggy pose under the angle that opened the buttocks and entrance to the vagina. Up to this moment, there were over 350 viewers.

I stood from the back of her (we were both completely naked) and entered my penis into her pussy. Slow at first, I increased my tempo gradually, to make it last like 5 or 7 minutes in one pose. People started requesting to change it: me in the bottom, her on top, jumping on my dick. I took my high-res camera into my hands to show the process from the first view – and my viewers saw with a close-up as her pussy is driven right onto my penis (with a classical sound of champing as we both were neatly shaved, as I hate hair on genitals). I could take the camera behind her to make people see as her butts have flesh tremors each time she lowered down on my dick. I also held a camera on my chest to show how her boobs are jumping up and down. After 15 minutes of our sex, I had a heated audience of 1200+ people with every new 10 or 20 users joining us every minute. I turned off the notifications on my wallet as it was ringing nearly every second. $30,000 came to my account by now – and I was still planning to have sex with that female escort Mykonos for over an hour, fulfilling all requests of my audience…