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I woke up in the morning of the hotel room of David, my Rhodes escorts client, because the sunray lit into my eye, funnily arising out of the slightly opened curtain. The feeling was not interruptive, though, as I already felt I’ve had good enough sleep, so I could stand up.

I sat on the edge of the white-as-snow bed and stretched my nude body. The clock on the bedside table showed 10.15 AM. David was still sleeping, sweetly embracing the pillow. He was so nice asleep. And he was so gentle to me yesterday’s evening and a part of the night when we were making really fervent sex in multiple poses, only interrupting to drink more wine.

I went to shower and warm water filled my body with the desire to start a new day with lovely croissants and a big cup of coffee with milk. I called a bellboy to deliver to our room those (for two) and, while he needed time to fulfill my request, I went to the balcony to smoke one of my long cigarillos.

From the opened sliding door separating the bedroom from the balcony that I stood on in a bathrobe barefoot, I was looking at David and only warm feelings about this Escorts Rhodes client filled my heart. A few moments later, I dropped my cigarillo and went back to the bed to David. I uncovered the blanket and loosened his silky pants, completely depriving a man of them. He did not move; I heard him breathing evenly, still sleeping.

I bent over him and took his penis into my mouth, more like kissing it, not sucking. For the first minute, I felt no changes to the dick – but later on, it started to rise up, gaining more blood in its inner cavities. It was interesting to see a sleeping man and how his dick did separately from him – like having own life. Maybe that’s why men think more frequently with dicks, not with brains?

I was one of the starting Rhodes escort girls and the fact of having an unusual way of sexual interaction with a man aroused interest in me. And aroused me, bringing the mixture – warm feelings and erotic excitation. The dick hardened and now I could take it completely into my mouth, sucking it with bigger power and gentleness.

David opened one eye and moved a bit. I rose up. He saw me naked sitting nearby and saw/felt his aroused dick.

‘Good morning, sunshine!’ I told him, ‘How do you feel about me making you a good blowjob in this fabulous morning?’ And smiled with all my friendliness. I didn’t even know was David his real name but I really did want to make pleasant things to this tender man in the bed.

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‘I feel like the morning is going to be super great if you do me that,’ he replied also with a smile. And he turned on his back, giving me the full access to his long and shiny dick, which yesterday was several hours inside of my pussy and mouth. He is a real stud – and on the light of the day, he seemed even prettier to me.

The bellboy knocked at the door and I, swiftly putting a bathrobe on, opened the door and took the tray with deliciousness, urgently pushing a few bucks into his hand. Back in the room, I took a croissant and bit it – it was with a soft caramel filling, my favorite.

With a croissant in a hand, I approached David and get this filling from the dough to his dick – to make it completely caramel. Yummy! I’m going to lick it now all from him. At this time, I was acting myself more like a girlfriend rather than as an escort girl.

I sat comfortably on the bed and started licking him all over – using my tongue at first not to lick from but to evenly spread the cream to the entire surface of the dick and balls. He liked this game, too, and was quietly moaning to my soft motions. I imagined myself like a cat murmuring at a delicious yummy thing – when this portion of lovely cream of caramel filled my mouth with its warm soft taste.

I was licking it up and down, and from side to side – maybe around 10 minutes in a row – when I just sat my pussy right onto the sweet rod and made it disappear in the depths of me in one go. It was like good finals after long preliminaries. I was jumping at his cock until he was about to cum – and when this happened, I swiftly jumped off him and took the hot portion of semen right into my throat, leaping at David’s dick with one strong motion, like, you know, in a second – and so his head of penis turned somewhere in the middle of my throat.