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One of my Russian escorts Rhodes clients offered me a good amusement that I have never tried before – to walk down on the sea bottom (that was laying approximately 30 meters down the surface) with my own feet. But not like with aqualung and wearing costume – no, the scheme was different: to put an almost transparent helmet on my head that contains the air coming to it from the tube that is attached to the crown of the helmet. The tube is fastened to the boat that is rocking on waves above me and the air is delivered from the surface right to me.

To make the helmet attached to my body (not detaching up & going to the surface from the difference of pressure, leaving me down there), it was fastened to my armpits by the elastic but firm and reliable straps. And to make me go down right to the seabed, I had to wear extra weights at my ankles that had to drag me down little by little. After I am done with walking, they just pull me up on that tube (obviously, reinforced not to tear apart).

To make a company to me, my Rhodes escort service 18 client also dived. We were submerging through the thickness of water about a minute. I experienced completely new sensations for me, felt extra pressure of water, and tried to adjust my breathing to new circumstances.

‘If anything goes wrong,’ they’ve instructed me before jumping in the azure transparent water, ‘Do not bend too much or revolve, as it makes the air come out of the helmet and though it is refilled with air from the surface with a pump, it’ll take time to restore it, so it can be dangerous.’

So, okay, there was basically one simple rule – to take my head always up or not too tilted. I can live with that.

Down on the seabed, there was sand as far as I could see – the eyes stopped seeing anything but the blue thickness in about 50-75 meters – that how clean the water was. Some lonely fishes swam by and some anemones (or how they are called) were attached to the sand, rocking slowly under the water movement. I felt complete tranquility, hearing only my breathing and hollow steps on the sand (the latter I felt more with the body, not ears).

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The Rhodes VIP escort client approached me and took my hand – I smiled at him. He pressed his helmet to mine and spoke. And I could hear the words! Amazing but I did hear him saying ‘Are you glad you are here, under the surface so deep?’ I nodded and showed with thumbs up and emotions on the face that I completely enjoyed.

He gently touched my belly and put another hand on my buttock – we were completely alone here, not visible to people from the boat, and so we could do anything we wanted. I smiled to him, offering to continue, and he pulled my swimming panties down, exposing my buttocks and pussy. I know that men coming to escort service 18 service like shaved pussies of girls – and so I am constantly keeping it like this. Smooth over and under the water. I put the panties off my body and took them in a hand while he started exploring me with fingers. Under the water on this depth and in loneliness, it was nothing I felt before. I could hear my increasing breathing and felt the increased heartbeat because of excitation. When his fingers got inside of my pussy, the water came along with them – building new feelings, as water smoothed everything that it has enveloped. When he went inside of my butt hole – through the helmet, he told me to relax my anus and started to move his finger in my butt hole – obviously, to catch a nice high of fucking me in both holes underwater simultaneously.

After some time, he, pulling down his trunks, had shown his erect penis to me and entered my pussy. I had to bend down to make a nice degree of entering but also to hold the head up as much as I could in this pose – and he pressed me tightly to his body to overcome the water resistance. It was kinda interesting to have sex in the thickness of water – I have had previously just one similar experience, making it in the bath filled with water. But it differed from this moment way too much.

As he cummed, he exited me abruptly – and I saw his semen flows in the thickness of water like small worms that change their shape every second, slowly going down on the sand.

Back on the boat, we chatted a little about the experience and on the shore, he said goodbye to me, adding ‘Today the sea was good to us, not sending us to Davy Jones’s locker.’ I don’t know what he meant.