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Have you ever tried paragliding?’ Shane, my today’s escort girls Rhodes client, asked me when he was inside of my pussy behind me, fucking it in a moderate tempo.

I turned to him and saw his thoughtful (more like contemplative) face.

‘Are you seriously asking me if I ever was paragliding, now?’ I asked him back, ‘Right in the midst of a process?’

‘Why not? When’s gonna be a better time?’

He was partially right. Why not now? To think about high flying in the skies and great views from the top point down. That was tempting and I replied, ‘No, I haven’t. Do you offer me to?’

‘Actually, I was thinking can we paraglide tomorrow with you… Naked.’

Naked in the air of Rhodes, a very populated island, which millions of tourists visit every year – that was interesting and definitely unusual.

‘Do you want people to see us naked?’ I asked him. He spoke: ‘I know the secluded place. Let’s do it.’

And we did. Tomorrow – me, a luxury escort Rhodes girl on high heels, red dress, and black hair above the face of an Instagram model met him – a lover of flying naked in the skies under the parachute, a tall but very thin guy, with nearly brown skin because constantly being under the sun. Obviously, making people paraglide was his business, like Russian escorts in Rhodes was mine.

We took his car and went to some part of the island I’ve never been to – it was windy, deserted, and the terrain had many sharp rocks protruding from the ground. We were standing on top of the hill, from which we were about to take off in several minutes. He told me to strip and put the clothes in a car, out sneakers on feet, while he started preparing the equipment. When I stripped, I was standing on the warm wind – it was important or otherwise, I just wouldn’t go flying – and watching as he prepares us to the flight with the assured and trained actions. When everything was nearly ready, he stripped too, put his stuff in the car, closed it on a key, attached the key to the chute, and connected self to it first. Then he called me and when I approached, it turned out that we were supposed to be connected one after another – so I touched my bare buttocks his bare groins. It seems like it was needed for the escort services in Rhodes, after all – and he was planning to make sex with me up there, in the air, as I thought.

All that was left on us is just sneakers – to run and protect our feet from the rigid soil. He commanded to run and we both did – to take off the ground in nearly seconds. The powerful wind blow took us up and I didn’t have enough time to understand how it all happened – as we were above the ground, 100 or 200 meters from it.

The view was stunning: I’m not sure I’ve experienced anything like this. I’ve been flying planes before but in them, you are always separated with the fuselage from what’s around you. Or on the skyscrapers, there is glass separating you from the street. Here, the parachute was our wing and I was not protected from warm air that blown on me with anything.

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In the midst of elevated feelings, I felt as his dick rested between my buttocks. Either he felt what I feel or just aroused with the sensation of a nude girl squeezed to his body – but the reaction of cock was obvious. For the next several minutes, Shane was trying to control the flight and do something to enter my pussy or anus hole. He did not succeed eventually in anything but ruling us in the air. So, after he gave up attempts, I just found his dick with my hand behind my buttock and started jerking him off – to his fantastic pleasure. He was like ‘Oh, oh, oh’ each time I was moving a hand – and when he strained all – his jizz flew out of his trunk and I saw it flew down under us, farther and farther down.

‘Yeah, baby, it was a unique experience to me,’ he said with huge gratification, ‘Nobody ever has done anything like this with me on the air – although I dreamt of it for many times.’

‘I’m glad to be the first for you, honey,’ I replied with a honey marmalade voice, ‘Let’s come down on the ground, and I’ll do it for you once again, only now in the bed, okay? Or you can fuck me again, as you did before.’

But I was so pleased to fly under the skies for over 20 minutes more – enjoying this fabulous feeling of freedom and the view of setting evening sun.