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A blowjob in unusual place

A blowjob in unusual place is something that not many girls can offer. These places are any that people do not usually use to make love or blowjob: your car, abandoned building in the city, ancient ruins, secluded spot in a park or any other public place, your job place (cabinet, office, restroom). This may also be arranged during the trip into a forest (you can imagine that you are two tourists who choose a nice place to do it without being seen). Anything other at your discretion? Easy! The roof of a building? On the threshold of open doors of an apartment or a rented room of a hotel? Easy! Anything you want will be implemented thanks to this service.

Anilingus for you or for her

Anilingus for you or for her is one of the greatest possibilities to feel unity with your lover. There are not so many poses and variants of sex where you could feel the girl so close to you. She will literally be on your tongue, nose, and lips. Or if you would love to make a girl do the anilingus for you – inform our call manager on this issue and he will tell you what girls do that. To make this choice simpler for you, we’ve grouped some of our girls into this category and if you would love to know more about who else does it – please, ask the phone manager for a bigger number of options.

Aqua gel massage with happy ending

Aqua gel massage with happy ending is used best of all in a bathroom when you are relaxed and lie back. The girl is sitting inside your bath along with you or just on the verge of it and putting an aqua gel on your body and penis. She starts with rubbing and waving motions on the surface of your skin elsewhere and in several minutes, she concentrates on your dick exclusively. She can also grab your buttocks and squeeze them tight or be gentle to them – depending on your wish. Then she starts smooth motions up and down on your dick when you say her to (this is when you feel that you have enough of the massage itself). The happy ending is guaranteed to you under any circumstances. In this case – in warm pouring water of your bath.


Bandaging is one part of the fun. When you tie up a girl, you can watch her body, completely given up to you and your actions. You immobilize her, making her motionless, tied, totally surrendering to everything that you will do. You will put ropes on her hands, legs, and body. You even can put a rag into her mouth and cover it with sticky tape. You can tie her up to the bed and make her lie on a belly and make her legs open for your actions. No need to tell that when you work on her like this, the most satisfaction is received when she is naked. You can enjoy this nakedness and the fact that she will be completely under your possession. Taste her flesh, make her roll over and bend – she will do it following your commands, not able to withstand you as her owner, her possessor.


Bodypaint is the use of paint that many men (if not all of them) consider especially thrilling to perform, as it includes a completely naked body of a girl, which serves you like the canvas on which you apply paint. This shall be skin-friendly paint (ideally – watercolor) so it can be washed off easily and making no damage to the skin itself during the application, wear, and washing off. Some of the most popular solutions for bodypaint include silver, bronze, and golden colors that solidly cover the girl’s body. After this, a girl poses, as a rule, becoming a model for creating your home or professional collection of pictures.

Fisting for her

Fisting for her is a sexual service that largely expands the use of her pussy, ass, or mouth (yes, fisting in a mouth is also a popular thing). Using those her openings, you can shove there your entire fist. Sometimes, you can use both hands to penetrate into holes located nearby each other (yes, we’re talking about pussy and anus hole). But you can try as well to enter her mouth simultaneously with entering pussy or a black hole. It becomes possible when she has large enough mouth for your fist. Otherwise, you will have to play the rest of the two openings. But this carries a lot of fun as well.

Girl being a rigid mistress

Girl being a rigid mistress is the service when she comes to your place and depicts a mistress completely dominating over you. She plays this role for as long as you agree and she may order you do things. These vary depending on her mood today and your desires. She may clutch you on a leash and to conduct as a dog in the premise (while you will follow her on your knees or all fours on the floor). She may make you lick her ankles. She may treat you as a real dog letting you eat from the dog’s plate. She can do these all and much more wearing the outfit you want for her. Or even staying naked if this is the point of your biggest arousal. Use this service to be a slave of a dominatrix to your choice.

Girl doing face sitting

Girl doing face sitting will make her genitals so close to your body that there will be no space between them and your face. You can deeply plunge your nose, lips, and even brows into her (if you manage to do it). One variation of this pose is letting a girl lying on her belly (or back with legs high up in the air) and you will put your face between her legs. However, the pressure that is organized during it will not be as big as during the basic face sitting. You can receive great minutes of your life feeling everything between girl’s legs on your face, on your tongue, and lips. A tip: when she will sit, stretch out a tongue and point it right into her pussy hole. When she sits, it’ll come deep inside of her.

Girl serving as your slave

Girl serving as your slave will implement every your fantasy. Is your innermost desire to have a girl in the outfit of a sheep? Or she will put on the all-body artificial red leather that will underline every her curve and a perfect bend of an erotic body and will walk on all four after you in the premise? Will you allow her to eat from the floor or lick your feet to satisfy your vision of a big boss? Do you wanna spank her with a bat or with your hand until her buttocks get red? Or do you want to do anything out of a zillion possible other options of getting yourself higher thanks to using this slave service? This is possible at any time of the day and night.

Girl taking part in homosexual sex

Girl taking part in homosexual sex will largely brighten up the sexual time you have with your partner(s). No matter how many of you want to invite a girl to join your homosexual sex leisure – two or ten. She will do anything you strive for within the given time, which is the only valuable resource, with no extra charge for services applied. So, have you decided to reinvigorate your time with something hot and delicately sweet, like our girls? This is the right place you’ve come, our friend. The eroticism of every our girl is worth praising, they live their lives to become better and more groomed each day for you, even in days off and weekends when other girls you might know do not usually work. Our working range spans to 24 hours a day, 365/366 days a year.  

Girl who wants sex several times

Girl who wants sex several times is an option, which can be given by almost every our sexy lady. When you open pages of our explicit site, you see many erotic lovers ready to pamper you with various sexiness. Having multiple times of sex during 1 date is easy with chicks from the catalog that are tuned to do so. Horny, desiring, and desirable – they are ready to bring you to a pleasure land multiple times within one date. Not only 1 person may take advantage of this service of ours but also several people. It’s only enough to order 1 girl from our extensive catalog and realize all your sexual fantasies. High pleasure is guaranteed.  

Group anal sex (with several girls and/or men)

Group anal sex (with several girls and/or men) is a point of especial gladness that is not too often introduced into the life of a regular man. Let’s think about what type of sex you usually have. This is vaginal or oral. Lesser comes anal (if you’re not gay, of course). But anal group sex is something that tens or hundreds of times rarer than is usually met in real life. One our girl can serve you all – if there is a group of men desiring her anal hole. Or there may be several our mistresses for one client (you) or for a company of a client and his friends. Many-to-many, many-to-one, one-to-many: these three options inside of this service are available.

Hard sex

Hard sex is suitable for males who are tired of a passive role in sex (during the blowjob, where the entire work is done by a girl’s hands and mouth). Active sex is healthy, most of all. During hard love, you will feel the complete unity with your partner due to unbelievably close contact with her. You can fuck her pussy, mouth, and ass just as you want, with the power and strength you might miss in the rest of your life (especially if you work in the office, where there are not so many causes for physical activity). This service is easily arranged at any time of the day and year – just call our sex agency and the girl will rush to you.

Impersonating characters

Impersonating characters is to be done when you want to try to be someone else. Usually, this game of changing who you are is of two types: 1) dressing up and pretending someone from famous people and 2) just depicting a character. Elvis, M. Monroe, Tarantino or even a large yellow Minion – the choice in the option 1) is really huge. That’s just your call and imagination is the limit. In the 2), you can be a policeman, brutal macho, incarcerated fella, a tattooed lover of kittens – anything at all and much more. How to decide? Well, just be someone who you find arousing. Do the same for your lady.

Lesbian show

Lesbian show is a complete satisfaction from watching hot young female bodies intertwining in the mutually beneficial act of love, kissing, and caressing. Those fabulously sweet bodies are filled with passion, tenderness, and hotness that they are ready to show to you not hiding anything at all. This unforgettable thing you will keep with you for the entire life (or at least as far as your memory will stretch through years) and it will become one of the brightest things you took part in. What’s more exciting – you can not only watch but also participate in their games – try to lick those pussies, nipples, lips… Penetrate into their velvety openings that are wet from waiting for you. Do it all now with us.

Non sex-connected services

Non sex-connected services are the classic thing when you do not need sex but you do need a beautiful girl to be by your side. She will represent your company from the best side in front of partners in an important meeting. Sometimes and for someone, beauty is everything – and when you deal with this kind of people, you have to bear in mind that having a gorgeous girl for every stage of interaction with them is a must. From being your secretary expanding all the way to become an exquisite gift for your partners overnight or for a closed party, a girl who is ready to make these all can be found in our sex model agency. We can arrange any beauty to come to you.

Photo/video shooting of your sex

Photo/video shooting of your sex is a thing that can be done when you have sex with your partner. It is one of the not many sex-related services for which you don’t need to invite our girl (in a case if you have a sex partner for that). But if you are alone or, having a partner, you desire to add more into your regular sex, this can be arranged with any of our girls. One or more of them will come to your place and become a sex model that is in great shape. Her body is delectable and looks gorgeous from any position – that is especially profitable for the purposes you have in mind (shooting video or pictures). Add to your home sex album.

Playing seducing games

Playing seducing games is when both (or more) partners start a game that includes the element of sex or otherwise sexual interaction or context. The game itself is not so important. It can be any – real one from already existing in the world or something that you will come up with on your own. The general rule – it must be understood and not too heavy to be fun for everyone as, you know, sex with a lot of rules turns into a boring scenario, not an improvised contest with laughter, invigoration, and improvisation. The last one is the most important to make fun.

Preliminary caresses to arouse you

Preliminary caresses to arouse you may be required sometimes when a man needs bigger relaxation and sexual tuning than usual. For instance, you want a nice evening with a stupendously erotic woman but you just can’t stop thinking about your work and stuff that makes you upset. Sure, not always we can just switch off our thoughts living in such a high pace of modern life as we all do. But a nice batch of actions of a girl can switch you to the mood of this moment, when you are with her, with the beauty of her resilient ass, elastic boobs, and a warm heart that wants your love and affection. She is able to tune you to the right mood effectively and in a short time.

Relaxing massage before or after intercourse

Relaxing massage before or after intercourse is what a man desire when he is tired on a job. The simple yet effective way to feel relaxed is to let your body to the caring hands of a girl, who is ready to work on your entire surface, not just specifically on a cock. Yes, there is a continuation of such a massage – and this is the main difference of this service and the one that is delivered in massage salons, where a girl only finishes you with a hand or does oral sex with you as max. Here, you can plunge your heated cock into any of her openings before, during, or after the massage takes place. If you want it – make it instead of it.

Services to a family couple

Services to a family couple are waiting for you in our model sex agency. We have started our mission to help people who are in need of quality sex. This is what we do to make you and everyone happier a lot. No matter who is your sexual partner, of what age and gender, we are ready to deliver you as a great girl as you need (and even better). Just pick one (or more) from our extensive online catalog and we promise that she will be heading to you already in several minutes, as you will verify your order. What exactly you can do with a girl as she arrives at yours? Have sex, play games, drink and smoke, dance… In a word – entertain.

Sex with toys

Sex with toys will let you enhance the received feelings from sex with a new degree. Things that you (or our girl) can buy in erotic XXX stores for your mutual sexual interaction are destined to improve feelings during the process. Most of them are used in preliminary games with the aim to arouse a partner or both of them. The toys can include dildos, double dildos (for pussy and ass simultaneously), sexual outfits, lingerie with more openings than in usual underwear, lashes, high heels, lubricants for smoothness and extra nice smell (most of the modern lubricants have nice fruit scents: strawberry, banana, apple, orange, cream, and even cake). By the way, you can find additional non-standard toys like a costume of a slave (like the one that was in the ‘Pulp Fiction’ movie of Tarantino) or just a mask from it.

Soft and tender sex

Soft and tender sex is a wonderful ending of any date. If it will be done with a pretty girl – then it is a double pleasure. Treble – if you order a girl in our agency, as they are able to follow every your demands, liking your ideas, and following your thoughts. You can drink nice wine and eat sushi or something to your taste before or after the intercourse. You can do it slowly when a Moon is shining on your naked bodies that intertwine in one big passion that you can do for hours if you choose this option. Discover and unveil your passion together with our ladies from the escort model agency in Greece.

Spanking you as a part of BDSM games

Spanking you as a part of BDSM games brings a lot of pleasure if you want to be spanked. It is very sexy when a man exposes his body to the female’s hands, legs, and lash she is holding in a hand to feel those on his skin. Whipping and spanking are possible all night long or during the as continuous time as you feel right. You can use it as a prelude or after you reach the point of orgasm. Making it during sex adds a lot of sexual acuteness to the process. Any our lady will be glad to spank and whip you at hers or at yours. This is also possible in non-standard places like your car, dressing room of a shopping mall or even on a front yard of your house (if the fence is secure enough from people’s gazes).

Striptease with continuation

Striptease with continuation is what many men dream of but a few only of them get it. When do you seek for a striptease? In strip clubs, right? But there are too few chances that you will receive anything more than just a striptease. The continuation to feel the insides of a girl is possible, though – but in most cases, you will have to pay for it much more than you would expect in your thoughts. With us, this will not happen – everything is known beforehand. When she dances for you and your eyes shine because of her beauty, everything is possible. We mean it – literally, everything. Wanna plunge your erect cock into the warmth of her pussy? Do it.

Tantric sex

Tantric sex is an old practice with many new connotations. It originated thousands of years ago in Eastern practices of yoga and religions of India. It has now become a multinational phenomenon that plunges you and your partner(s) into tantric sex. This version of sex cannot last for a meager hour or two. People who practice it for real may spend the entire day or at least several hours to completely reveal it. Consider that with all preparations and sex itself you might need 4+ hours to reach your goals. Also – you shall be the leader in this, as only a few girls of our sex model agency know how to do it right. But they are good learners and can learn from you really fast. Or slow. As tantric sex prescribes.

Thai hard massage with continuation

Thai hard massage with continuation shall not leave you disappointed. Have you ever tried Thai massage? It is a very hard-to-sustain physically thing that is done by professional masseuses (men and women) which really turn your body into a dough. They apply so many physical powers to massaging you that in most of the time, you really want to scream. However, such hardness has its own fans. Especially this concerns people that do not have too much physical contact with other people on a daily basis. Such hardness compensates them for this lack of touches and communication. They feel alive during this rigidness. When it gets to fucking, the dick of a man that becomes a center of attention in this massage experiences hard times. It is twisted and jerked off as if the one doing this hates it and wants to break it. However, everything ends well and pleasant, with a happy ending. If you like to experience this now – call today.


Trampling is a modern thing you might haven’t met yet. As a part of extreme sexual foot fetish, this service is applied when a man wants a woman to walk on his body (sometimes, vice versa, he walks on hers). Sexual arousal appears and increases in a moment as feet step on the skin and push them under the influence of gravity. This is one of the types of foot and leg fetishes that arouse men with their presence and actions with them. One of the most frequent fetishes in men is seeing and feeling beautiful lingerie on a female body, especially when stockings are put on woman’s legs. Lovely-looking lingerie is a common-spread leg fetish.

Trying Kama Sutra poses

Trying Kama Sutra poses is something more than sex. It is for expanding the range of your body’s do’s. You can be a great lover but it is impossible to tell that you’ve tried everything in sex if you haven’t tried Kama Sutra. The book can be found almost in every bookstore. Opening it, you will find hundreds of poses and practices, along with their description. Your body will feel as it has been to the gym or, at least, a yoga class. So regular sex will turn into an interesting exploration of your possibilities, as well as girl’s. The nice feature of this – is that you can do it for as much time as you want, you know, as trying poses does not obligatorily mean that you will copulate with your partner. Penetration is not even the case in some of them.

You taking part in lesbian sex

You taking part in lesbian sex will make you at least three times happier than during the regular sex.

  1. You will be having sex with more than one woman. That’s the first 100% of the happiness.
  2. They two (or more) will be naked and concentrated on you, your body, and your pleasure. That’s another 100%.
  3. You can watch (and participate!) them doing sex together, getting with their fingers and playful wet tongues into pussies of each other. Help them rub the tits of each other, get inside of their openings. This is the eventual 100%. In total – 300% of happiness.
This amount of satisfaction is easy to arrange. Just pick the phone and call us directly into it or using the applications installed on your phone.

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