Sex girls in Mykonos are participants on an erotic contest

Hello, readers. My name is Timothy. And I want to share with you my sexual experience, which happened three weeks ago with me and two of my friends. We were hanging out in an expensive room of a local hotel – I cannot tell its name but it was far greater inside than it looked from outside (same sadly as every other building on the town looks like). Inside, it was close to the royal palace – as far as it could be on this not too fancy island called Mykonos. It’s a nice tourist place and I am a sex tourist myself – and I have largely enjoyed being this day with escort Mykonos girls.

Thanks to my very sexy appearance and nice muscled body of a powerlifter, I never had problems with hooking a girl overnight to have sex with. However, sometimes (especially when I drink in a company), I want something more (and more than regular girls agree to provide). Something bigger than just sex (though sex with the sex girls in Mykonos was also fantastic). I remember as this evening, in a company of my friends Elliot and Zander, I just had an idea occurred in my head – why don’t we call for Katalog escort girls to arrange a competition. A sexy one, of course. Namely – I wanted to see, as they would sit with their naked pussies on the different types of bottles. And the one wins, which will be able to sit on the biggest bottle (if not to its entire length, then, at least – farther than others will).

Elliot and Zander have welcomed my idea with applause and approving whistle. We’ve quickly decided that there should be 4 girls for ultimate fun. It was 2 PM and we called to the Mykonos escort lady agency to order them – I remember, I called two blonds and two brunettes, explaining an operator the idea of a contest. He called me back in 20 minutes and told the conditions, which we all settled in two hours during a personal meeting; girls were scheduled at 7 PM.

During the time of waiting, Zander and me went to the biggest store in the town and found 12 types of glass bottles – from smallest ones to the biggest, which we thought are physically possible (in liters, they were: 0.05, 0.187, 0.2, 0.375, 0.5, 0.645, 0.7, 1, 1.375, 1.5, 1.6, and 2). Certainly, we have bought 4 of each – which made 48 bottles in general. We also grabbed the additional 2 bottles of whiskey to prevent us from being sober during the contest and some cigarettes.

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Four big packs of glass we have put to our small taxi car. Back in a hotel, when the girls arrived, we told them about the contest, its conditions, and just to heat up the general interest for girls to try and to win – we settled the prize money, 2 grand to a winner.

The fun began with them all taking shower one by one – the preliminary part took about an hour. But that was a fantastic thing – we were able to fuck three girls while we were waiting for all of them to assemble and tune-up. Everyone was super pleased already and we also haven’t been stopping to heat up our interest with whiskey.

No wonder initial sizes were conquered pretty fast by every girl: 0.05, 0.187, 0.2, and 0.375 each of them was able to shove completely into their pussies, without the rest. (Did I tell you that all bottles were emptied first and every unnecessary stuff like plastic, corks, and paper was removed?) With 0.5, 0.645, and 0.7 things were not as simple: they used grease but still – to make 0.7 bottle entirely disappear in the vagina, they all tried harder. A fun factor for us – neither of them wanted to lose. It was interesting for all of us to watch as the pussies of girls stretch – that was the main idea of a contest.

1-liter bottles were not conquered at 100%. No matter how they sat on it, around 15 cm to the bottom was left unconquered. We’ve decided there are no losers on this stage and moved further – 1.375 l. It’s a thicker bottle with a big neck, which sharply broadened, so they tried. One did worse than others and sat in a chair to rest, while three left to try to deal with 1.5 l. All girls were even in this and 1.6 l version. I did not think that 2 l would be the case – but the interest (and alcohol in the blood) was high and they continued. It was a wine bottle of green glass that contained a dark-red substance. Eventually, Margarita of sex girls in Mykonos was able to adopt it inside of her for 25 cm – she won 3 cm in the nearest competitor and 2 gees. Did you see a 10-cm open pussy of a girl? I sai it that evening without a bottle inside and maybe 15 cm in diameter with a bottle inside. That was great.