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I was excited to go to one of the local wineries – as the Greek wine that is produced on islands (Mykonos, Rhodes, and Mykonos (and I work as an escort service 18 at Mykonos)) actually quite rarely comes off the limits of those islands – it is produced in small amounts, which are barely enough for own, inside-the-land, consumption. In restaurants and cafes, you have to search for good local wine – as pretty often, tourists and long-stayers like me are offered by some not good wine manufactured on the big factories on the mainland. You can visit a hundred places to eat and drink and only in one, to find a truly local wine.

In this place where the genuine wine is given, they offered me the tour to their private winery – and I would be the fool to discard such an opportunity. I have agreed and they added me to the group the next day. All the evening, after eating a super delicious Mediterranean meal, drinking it up with this wine – I was happy and full of expectations to see where and how it is produced.

I came to the starting point they told me – and in the group, on the 1st or 2nd second, I spotted a nice guy – he caught my sight and smiled at me. I smiled him back. He approached me and told he was Tobias. I told him I am named Giovanna. For upcoming 5-7 minutes, we’ve been chatting (obviously, waiting for more people to arrive). Finally, they joined us to make a group of 12-15 people in total and we’ve entered the place of the winery.

I was expecting to see something like a factory with shining walls and a steel conveyor line, big tanks with liquids of varying degree of readiness. Instead, I saw a wooden-and-clay ambiance, in which the metal almost wasn’t present.

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Up to this moment, I was pretty interested in the excursion itself but for these 10 minutes, since I met this guy – my interests shifted only to him. With one free ear, I was listening to the guide but another ear and both my eyes were given to Tobias – a guy with an enchanting smile, 1.85 m in height, and bright smile of a person who really cares about his teeth. We were standing behind the rest of the participants of an excursion and did not interrupt the speaker.

With him, I almost forgot that I work as one of the escort girls near me Mykonos – and I would fuck with him just because of interest. A genuine interest. I rose up to his ear and whispered him: “Let’s find a corner to hide up.” He completely understood my intentions and smiled. We have abruptly disappeared from the crowd – and nobody noticed, I think.

There was a plethora of rooms and premises – but the most part was closed by massive iron-shod wooden doors or just the grates made of really thick rods. We’ve tried two hallways and maybe 15 doors – when one of them turned open. Pushing it, we entered – it was dark and there was no sign of a light switch. Tobias lit up the flashlight on his mobile – and we saw it is a premise with many large wooden barrels (larger than my height) that were fortified by 4 iron ribbons each. We went after one of the large barrels – so nobody (if anyone enters) can see us directly.

My heart was beating as it does during the work in Mykonos escort service 18. I swiftly pulled my pants down and raised a knee-long skirt, showing my amazing pussy to his sight. He, too, lowered his pants (but didn’t take them off completely, unlike I did with my pants). I heard the sound of a wrap of a condom and in a couple of seconds, I felt as his skin rod is touching my pussy gently. I was wet enough to allow him in and he did without any efforts – very easy, sliding inside here and sliding outside there. Tobias put his muscled arms on my waist and started moving with masculine assuredness – that’s what I like in men – when they take things under their control. I was a malleable escort Mykonos Whatsapp pussy under his might and have completely surrendered to the moment, enjoying the process of sudden sex with a half-stranger.

We weren’t caught until the end of our sexual act – though each time, listening to the silence around us, my heart started to beat faster because of such possibility. Thanks to this type of excitement, I cummed when he wasn’t over yet and barely stood on my legs, as they started to shake. He felt that and gave tremendous power to his last movements, speeding up his orgasm as well – so just two seconds after I cummed, he did too.

Back in the hallway, I looked at myself and him to correct the clothes and we returned to the group – they were in another room, not the one, which we left – and it was a time to try 5 kinds of wine – that was just remarkable final. Although, only one hour later, in the toilet, I discovered that I forgot my panties back in that dark room…